An International Business Company (IBC) is a company which is not subject to taxes and does not regularly transact business with persons resident.

An IBC can be used for numerous purposes, including but not limited to:

 • provision of professional and consultancy services
 • establishing holding companies
 • international trading and investment
 • ownership of real property and land
 • ownership of intellectual property
 • licensing and franchising
 • the employment of staff working on overseas assignments
 • offshore e-business
 • investments

To incorporate an IBC:

1. Click here to complete a questionnaire form.
2. Click here to complete a due diligence form.

If the shareholder of the IBC is a corporate entity, a corporate due diligence form must also be completed. Please click here to complete a corporate due diligence form.

Special features
of International Business Companies (IBC's)

 • IBC's are permitted to have one director
 • Directors may be corporate entities or individuals
 • No requirements for a local director
 • No reporting requirements
   (annual returns or financial statements)
 • Filing of names of directors and/or shareholders is optional
 • Filing of By-laws is optional
 • No minimum or maximum capital requirements
 • Shares may be voting or non-voting, may be issued with
   or without par value, and multiple classes of shares
   are permitted
 • Registered or Bearer shares may be issued
 • No limitations on where or how meetings may be held
 • Exemption from taxes

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